Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Plastic People: Red Valentino

There are so many fake people in the world, but none of them are as fabulous as the chic plastic ones in store displays. As we wandered around the boutique filled mall oohing and ahhing over some of the chic store displays, we thought that we should share these one-of-a-kind mannequins with you all :)

Audrey: Zachary and I found these masked goddesses in the window of the one and only Red Valentino. We were both squealing like 5 year olds in a toy store and I bet everyone else in the mall was convinced we were on something. I love the contrast between the dainty floral dresses and the hard, white, robotic mannequins with creepy but beautiful masks. Also, there's no background in this window display, so you could see the entire store and many more robot mannequins. The completely white store adds to the futuristic theme of the place, again offset by the makeup on the masks and girly (but amazingly sophisticated and chic) clothes on the racks.

Zachary: I am completely in love with this display! The doll like characters portrayed by the mannequins represent the brand well. Red Valentino, for those of you who don't know, is designed to cater to a younger more innocent group of people. The lovely floral dresses are completely on trend for this season and the black netting on the dress makes it perfect for a year round outfit! The two outfits are chic and sophisticated yet still youthful and fun. At first i found the masks a little disturbing and the combination of a modern day doll and a futuristic robot provide an eerie feeling. However, warm tones of the makeup really complete the look and I love the final product!

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